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Actor with autism brings his superhero "Wonderboy" to the big screen

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Wonderboy - Facebook

There is a new superhero coming to the big screen and he's not letting anyone stop him from bringing social justice to the world.

Meet Wonderboy, Music City's only caped crusader who defends Tenessee against the evil doings of nefarious criminals such as the evil Dr. Black (Henry Haggard). “The Adventures of Wonderboy" is a new short film co-directed by Marti King Young and Alan Brazzell.

"Wonderboy" follows mild-mannered Elijah Stone who lives a double life. In his everyday clothes, he is an unassuming but watchful citizen who is ever vigilant to the needs and safety of those around him. But if that security is threatened he transforms into the vibrant "Wonderboy" a personal assistant to humanity with superpowers no villain wants to go up against. 

The titular role is played by Elijah Haney, a young actor who happens to fall on the autism spectrum. He created Wonderboy at the age of 12 to help navigate him through that personal journey. The persona was instrumental in allowing Elijah to express himself to the outside world. 

His expression was supported by his mother, director and producer Marti King Young, who didn't give it a second thought when Elijah showed interest in bringing his alter-ego to the big screen. Together with Alan Brazzell they joined forces and created “The Adventures of Wonderboy."

King says of the project, “It’s proof that people with disabilities can do amazing things if given the chance and the platform. No person is a throwaway.” 

Already a celebrated filmmaker, King won Best Director at the 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival for her film “Stolen." 

This new project is not your ordinary short film. SAG AFTRA actors are used and co-director Alan Brazzell helped with the eye-popping special effects. 

“I’m honored to be a part of The Adventures of Wonderboy where Elijah’s sense of wonder and his love of storytelling have combined to help bring this zany tale to life," said Brazzell. "Diving in to co-direct, edit, and provide visual effects for this super-fun project has been a highlight of my creative professional life.”

The movie also stars Sydney Bell, and features appearances by Carla Christina Contreras, Robin Daughtery, and Keagan Haney among an ensemble cast who help create this comic book inspired tale.

The Adventures of Wonderboy has been accepted to its first film festival; Pinewood Studios Lift Off Sessions.

The project also hopes to usher in a serialized cartoon and comic book series.

You can keep in touch with Elijah through his Facebook page where he shares thoughts on how to better the community.