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Transgender Day of Visibility: A day to be seen and heard

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San Diego Pride Flag

You're going to see a lot of people talking about the "T" in LGBT today, as it is Transgender Day of Visibility.

This is a day when trans and non-binary men and women stand up and stand tall in an effort to bring public awareness to their lack of rights and to the Sisyphus type challenges they face every day. 

From religious freedom bills to restroom laws to workplace discrimination, trans folks are constantly at odds with the opposing powers that be who seem determined to strip them of their human rights. 

But TDoV is not just a day to be counted, it is also a day to celebrate the victories and while at the same time make a call to action for others to emerge and be seen whether they be trans, non-binary an advocate or an ally. 

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) says despite discrimination being present, voices are still rising above the hate to hopefully generate change. 

“From the political arena to the entertainment and business worlds, the historic visibility of transgender and non-binary people is providing hope and inspiration to countless young people across the nation and around the world,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Despite the discriminatory efforts of anti-equality politicians, transgender and non-binary people continue to bravely share their stories, boldly claim their seats at the table and persistently push equality forward. As we celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, we must never forget those who still feel invisible even in their own communities and fear discrimination or violence could lurk around any corner, and we must resolve to fight for a world where every transgender and non-binary person is respected and protected.”

Local trans activist Connor Maddocks remembers his past and is committed to using his voice to help others. 

"It's Transgender Day of Visibility, and I stand proud as a Trans Man today, as I have done for the last 16 years," he wrote on Facebook. "I was one of the lucky ones, I didn't have to hide who I was, I didn't have to live in fear. I am blessed everyday knowing my privilege. I used that to help my community as best I could, helping others stand tall and live their real lives. I learned more from them, I saw so much courage in them. They helped make me a better person. To all those whose lives touched mine, thank you stand tall today and everyday and ask those around you to stand tall in support. WE WILL NOT BE INVISIBLE ever again."

 On Friday, April 5, The San Diego LGBT Center (The Center) will hold their annual Transgender Day of Empowerment starting at 6 pm.