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Landscape architect of record for Hillcrest's Pride Plaza makes a call to action

The vote and election will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center on Tuesday, March 5.
Photo credit:
Michael Brennan - Facebook

The Landscape Architect for Hillcrest's Pride Plaza, Michael Brennan, is sending a message out to the community this week in a special call to action. 

Brennan posted his message to Facebook on Monday saying that for eight years he has volunteered his time to make the LGBT monument, located on University Ave. and Normal Street, a reality for the community.

He follows that statement up with photos which he says hold great significance and joy in knowing that "together we have made a place for our community to come together in times of celebration, in mourning and to rally our political power."

If it sounds like he is concerned with the future of this special place it's because he is. Brennan supports the Normal Street Promenade project and would like those who feel the same to join him at the Joyce Beers Community Center on Tuesday, March 5.

The proposed plan will highlight Pride Plaza and span Normal Street from University to Lincoln Avenues. That expanse would be totally re-developed with $1.8 million in improvements including additional parking and mobility enhancements. 

District 3 Councilmember Chris Ward explains that the project is a "community-driven concept derived from early ideas from both the Uptown Planners and the Hillcrest Business Association, as well as early visioning completed by local landscape architects KTU+A to turn underutilized public right-of-way on Normal Street into public gathering space."

But there is something standing in the way of the project, a single property owner who the Hillcrest Business Association says wants to stop it from moving forward. 

Brennan in his appeal asks that the public attend the Uptown Planner meeting being on March 5 for two reasons:

1: The grassroots proposal to convert several blocks of Normal Street into a pedestrian "Promenade" and bikeway will come to a vote before the Uptown Planners. If you love Pride Plaza and the idea of an expanded linear promenade for our community then come out and support the project publicly.

2:  It is election night for Uptown Planners and I encourage everyone who lives in Uptown or has a business or property in Uptown to come out and vote. I will be on the ballot along with 13 other community members and I humbly ask for your participation! The outcome of the election will shape the public realm and consequential development around Pride Plaza for the next 4 years.

The vote and election will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center on Tuesday, March 5. 

The Uptown Planners vote on the project beginning at 6 pm and the Normal Street Promenade project will be heard from 8 pm onward.

The Joyce Beers Community Center is located at 3900 Vermont St San Diego, 92103.