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Potcakes aren't what you think, and you can help save one

Find puppy love this summer in the North Atlantic.
Photo credit:
islevibes - Instagram

Taking a trip to the Bahamas this year? Turks and Caicos perhaps? 

Then you will undoubtedly encounter free roaming puppies known as Potcakes throughout most of the islands in the North Atlantic.

Normally tourists aren't bothered by them; they are friendly and independent, stopping at nearby hangouts for a savory handout or a pat on the head.  

Even though they seem self-sufficient these adorable pups need some bonding time and appropriate socialization.

If you happen to be in Turks and Caicos this summer there is a non-profit organization in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales that will allow you to love them for a day or even a lifetime. 

Called the Potcake Place, this rescue is all about helping these strays find love through personal interaction with vacationers. 

They allow people to take the dogs on leashes out to the beach for some TLC. And if you happen to fall in love, they will help get your furbaby home with you.

And if the connection only lasts a day you can also help as a courier by playing chaperone to a puppy on a flight out of Providenciales on their way to an adoptive family.

Of course, making a donation to Potcake Place also is a big help and assists in keeping the shelter alive.

Either way, taking a summer trip to the islands may result in puppy love that may last a lifetime.

You can visit Potcake Place by clicking HERE