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San Diego Gay Men's Chrous reminds you to test at home

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus (SDGMC) just had another successful run with their seasonal hit "Jingle," but their message of awareness lives on in a two-year-old YouTube video promoting an at-home HIV test. 

As we head into the new year, there is no time like the present to revisit this reminder to know your status.

The mini-musical is set to the tune of "Jingle Bells" where among a casual get-together two friends discuss the many excuses people use to avoid getting tested. However, there really is no excuse now that OraQuick has an at-home kit which can give you a result based on an oral swabbing. 

The SDGMC not only brings great music to San Diego every year but they are also one of the communities biggest contributors both monetarily and socially to health issues within the community. Funds raised from their concerts help bring awareness and support to some of San Diego's many LGBT causes including HIV/AIDS services.

Start out the new year right and know your status whether you go to your doctor or take the test at home.