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Male members of the Orthodox Church get naked for human rights

Orthodox men to take their clothes off and bear it all for human rights.
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The Orthodox Calendar Art Project (OC) has been a provocative and eye-catching annual campaign that uses controversial pictures of male members in the Orthodox church to ignite discussions of faith, artistic freedom, and homophobia and this year they hope to bring awareness to so-called “pro-family” campaigns.

Some global "family values" organizations support the restriction of human rights or have anti-LGBT and misogynistic agendas, "these groups are using a religious-based speech to severely limit female sexual and reproductive rights," they write in a press release. 

Using  Romania’s Coalitia pentru Familie as an example, the OC say that organization is pushing back on LGBTQ rights and gender equality. "To them, diversity and respect for all seem to be an attack on tradition, faith, national pride, and family. Such rogue movements are threatening to roll back decades worth of progress."

In their upcoming 2019 calendar, they use the famous bra protest and the Pussy Riot for pictorial inspiration, using their signature Orthodox male models to bare all in this their seventh edition. 

"The shock and awe we hope to see on the faces of all the hypocrites, all the homophobes, and all the sexist men out there should serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come, but also of how much we’ve yet to accomplish."

As always these men are some of the sexiest in the world and you can choose either the "classic" version or if you like it a lot spicier, get the explicit edition

"Our pics are as dirty as ever, but our values are clean. By purchasing the 2019 edition of the Orthodox Calendar, you’re supporting our campaign to stop violence against women." Learn more HERE.

The pictures at left are just a small taste of what the calendar has to offer.

"Over time, our pictures have provoked, amused, stirred controversy, upset or avenged you," the project organizers say. "We hope #OC2019 is equally upsetting to some, brilliant to many, and carrying the same strong, loud and proud message to all. We’re still driven by the same belief that art can empower people to question traditional forms of authority."

For more information and to get your own copy click HERE.