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San Diego rescues cats, dogs from Hurricane Florence

Photo credit:
San Diego Humane Society

Always at the ready, the San Diego Humane Society said on Thursday they rescued more than 100 animals from the floodwaters in Horry County, South Carolina after the effects of Hurricane Florence. 

The rescue crew was made up of San Diego Humane Law Enforcement officers who helped the Humane Society of the United States get the animals to safety. 

Throughout their 10-day mission, they rescued numerous cats and dogs, but also helped a goat, a 150-pound pig, and some cattle.

Fox 5 reports that two bulls and a heifer were brought to safety using floatation harnesses.

“I had a great team with me,” said Sgt. Laurel Monreal, a San Diego Humane Law Enforcement officer. “Everybody did what needed to be done at the time it needed to be done.”

San Diegans also helped the cause by donating crates and other items to assist the Humane Law Enforcement officers.

San Diego Humane Society posted some pictures (left) from the rescue site, one officer holding a puppy he saved from underneath a shed being overtaken by floodwaters 

Humane Law Enforcement officers are trained in floodwater rescues and certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.