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LGBT student disowned by family, gets a boost from Ellen

Ellen helps out the young college student who was kicked out of his house for being gay.
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Ellen Tube - YouTube screenshot

Seth Owen wanted to go to Georgetown University, but his family kicked him out when they discovered he is gay. 

Since the Jacksonville, Fla. teen's financial aid package was tens-of-thousands of dollars short of what he needed for his freshman tuition, he didn't know where to turn, but his high school biology teacher did. 

In order to make Owen's dream come true, the teacher set up a GoFundMe page which quickly went viral and raised $141,000. The monetary assistance didn't stop there especially when Ellen DeGeneres heard about his plight and had him on her show. 

Now two weeks into his semester at Georgetown, Ellen spoke with Owen about his journey. He says his parents found a picture of him and his boyfriend on his phone in high school and sent him to conversion therapy. And as many mental health professionals have pointed out, that course of action is dangerous and doesn't work. 

"The dangerous part about that is that, as a patient, I believed this healthcare professional was doing what was best for me,” Owen told the comedienne. “I didn’t see any progress, so it’s very depressing.”

Once finished with therapy his parents insisted that he go to a non-inclusive church. Having been given an ultimatum by his parents to either attend church or move out, Owen opted for the latter and went to live with his best friend's family. 

Owen is doing well in school and received a lot of support from students and faculty. He says after he graduates any money left over from the GoFundMe account will be used to help kids who have faced obstacles much like his own.

DeGeneres wasn't about to let him go away empty-handed and made a contribution herself. 

Watch the video below.