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Sobriety On the Sand is a gay men's recovery event

Sobriety On the Sand (SOS) is in its inaugural year and they hope that men in all recovery programs will attend not only to have fun but learn, grow and be of service to the community in a positive way. 

This fundraising event takes place on Friday, September, 21 through Sunday, September 23 at the Marina Village on Mission Bay and Mission Beach; it will benefit other recovery-related programs around San Diego.

"Sobriety on the Sand or SOS is in its first year and our hope is that it will be a safe place for gay men to learn, share and grow with each other," said Dorian Brewer, a member of the board.

Hundreds of gay men will come from both near and far to attend this ground-breaking weekend that promises fun-filled activities, engaging workshops, inspiring keynote speakers, amazing food and a weekend full of fellowship and wonderful memories.

Organizers say their vision was to create an event that offers programming, activities, and entertainment for gay men of all ages and varied backgrounds.

"We also want this event to give back to the recovery community that saved our lives," they say. "Proceeds from this event will go to create a fund to be managed by the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation. This fund will benefit recovery-related nonprofit organizations around San Diego by providing grant opportunities."

You can visit the Sobriety On the Sand website for all the details.

"We feel it’s important to give back to our communities," Dorian adds. "That’s why we are creating this new organization which will be a positive influence on the sober community and gives back to local recovery causes."

 Sobriety On the Sand takes place on Friday, September, 21 through Sunday, September 23  at Marina Village on Mission Bay and Mission Beach.

The host hotel is The Dana on Mission Bay and is located at 1710 W Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, Calif. 92109.