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Some 2018 San Diego Pride merch still available for purchase

There are still some collectible items left to purchase at the Pride store.
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San Diego Pride

The San Diego Pride Parade is the largest single-day civic event in the region and is among the largest in the United States. And this year there was no exception.

There is still some Pride swag left to buy so you can commemorate this year's record-breaking celebration. 

Attendance was up and people came from all over the world to visit America's Finest City and join the community as they "Persist with Pride." 

Although the official numbers won't be released until later, San Diego Pride says attendance was at approximately 300,000 for the parade alone. 

Ticket sales for the festival were also up 72-percent over last year and attendance increased by 40-percent. 

Pride says there are still some official Pride items remaining and to save on shipping you can pick up your purchases at the Pride offices or, "we'll mail them to you for a flat rate of $10 anywhere in the United States."

Items include t-shirts, ball caps, an official pin and other cool things. 

The San Diego Pride office is located at 3620 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104