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"Tantrums & Tiaras" is the best kind of LGBT fundraiser

Tantrums & Tiaras 2018: All-Stars is on Sunday, February 18 at the Observatory North Park starting at 6 pm. 
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Tantrums and Tiaras is one of those San Diego events you just don’t want to miss. This year is their all-star edition and five past contestants will be back to compete for the crown on Sunday, February 18.

Not only does the community love this “fun”-raiser which raised $59,000 last year for the San Diego LGBT Community Center (The Center), this is something the contestants love to participate in too.

It’s a fun-filled night of entertainment and community spirit, now in its ninth year. These queens are not professional and have had only a little time to come up with a character, rehearse and learn to do makeup.

Hundreds pack into the Observatory North Park to see their favorite food and beverage community members tuck and pad themselves for the sake of charity.

The five contestants who will go heel-to-heel this year have done this before, but this isn't just to become a legendary All-Star, it's also to raise money for The Center which provides many services to the community.

The Tantrum queens 2018 were recently featured on the cover of SDPIX and they are: 

Erik representing #1 Fifth Avenue

Kirby representing  Flicks

Madison representing  Rich’s

Grant representing  Mo’s

Rob representing  San Diego Eagle

Tantrums and Tiaras originally started out as a spoof on the Miss America Pageant and that spirit still holds true today with the always funny Babette Schwartz hosting. 

The pageant sees contestants take part in answering an interview question, a swimsuit contest, and a talent which comes in the form of an outrageous production number. 

Attendees should stock up on paper money when they come out to see the show. It's a tradition to hurl the bills on stage in support of your favorite contestants. Donations can also be made by check throughout the night. 

Tantrums & Tiaras 2018: All-Stars is on Sunday, February 18 at the Observatory North Park starting at 6 pm. This is a 21 and over event. 

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The Observatory North Park is located at 2891 University Ave, San Diego, California 92104.