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Going undercover globally for the love of animals

Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Center
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Animal Hope and Wellness Center

If you're anything like me you know that caring for an animal just makes you a better human being.

And to know the love of a good dog is to know a very special kind of love. One without words, that never judges, that no matter how long you've been away simply can not contain its excitement at...ball!

Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Center in Los Angeles knows this love well. He's dedicated his life to caring for and rescuing dogs in need and playing more than a few games of fetch along the way.

When he's not rehabilitating animals in LA Marc works to expose the mistreatment of animals in other countries around the world. He is about to set off on his 17th self-funded overseas trip.

First stop is Finland, where he is going undercover into some of the world’s largest fur farms.

Following that he will return to China, Korea, and Cambodia where he will continue his fight against the horrific Dog Meat Trade and attempt to shed light on the suffering caused by Vivisection (operating on animals for scientific research).

Although so much of Marc's work deals with the grim side of humanity there are many happy stories to be shared like this one of beautiful Talia who was rescued from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia.

For more information on how you can help the Animal Hope and Wellness Center in Los Angeles click HERE.

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals.

We rescue them, provide full rehabilitation services, and then work to find them their fur-ever families.