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Stepping Stone 'Day of the Dead Celebration' helps those in recovery

Day of the Dead Celebration is on Saturday, October 28 at 5:45 pm.
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Community organization Stepping Stone is celebrating 40 years and their annual Dia de los Muertos event hopes to continue helping men and women in need of drug and alcohol recovery services by way of the public's generosity. 

Founded in 1976, Stepping Stone is a non-profit agency offering a variety of treatment and recovery programs to the LGBT Community.

Former Chair and philanthropist Tom Reise has said raising money is an important way to ensure the success of the organization.

"That means that fundraising has always, and always will be, an essential part of our fiscal plan. We are grateful to the many individuals, couples, families, businesses and other non-profit organizations that have helped us continue to save lives. But the reality remains that we need ongoing community support." 

Their popular Day of the Dead Celebration returns this year on Saturday, October 28. 

Doors open at 5:45 and they say it's going to be yet another evening to remember.

You can purchase your Day of the Dead Celebration tickets online HERE

Day of the Dead Celebration is on Saturday, October 28th at 5:45 pm at Stepping Stone. 

Your tickets will be available by giving your name at the registration table. 

Stepping Stone of San Diego, 3767 Central Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105