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'Red Dress Party San Diego' meet their fundraising goal at this year's gala

Red Dress Party San Diego beats last year's fundraising goal by $10,000.
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Every year Red Dress Party San Diego sets a goal for fundraising and they say this year's event was a success, beating last year's goal by $10,000. 

"We are pleased to announce that together -- from attendees to sponsors to donors -- we hit our goal of raising $30,000 to benefit local organizations that serve the HIV community," Red Dress organizers said in a statement. "We officially raised $28,800 but by unanimous decision from our Board of Directors, we opted to bring that final number up to $30,000."

Last year, the Red Dress event raised $20,000 to benefit San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative (SDHFC), a group established in 1990 to help bring awareness and support to the San Diego HIV and AIDS community through education and fundraising.

This year's proceeds will go to the SDHFC as well. 

Red Dress Party San Diego is a whimsical fundraising event where everyone is encouraged to be brave, let loose and celebrate impact. Like the name suggests, attendees are required to wear a red dress, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. This serves as a powerful sign of compassion and solidarity for those affected by HIV/AIDS and as a way to unite the crowd in one radiant theme.

Here is a short video on how this event and donors are making an impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS.