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Homeless pets from Harvey get rescued to San Diego

Dogs and cats rescued to San Diego after Hurricane Harvey leaves them homeless.
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Helen Woodward Animal Shelter

As Irma barrels toward the eastern coast, San Diegans are still trying to help those in need from Hurrucane Harvey.

The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter are bringing back about 80 dogs and cats that were displaced during the Texas storm.

The animals will go to the center in Rancho Santa Fe according to Fox 5. People are welcome to come out and greet them and consider giving them a  forever home.

This past Thursday, Woodward employees landed in Austin Texas and drove to Lone Star Convention Center just north of Houston. There, a local rescue organization brought in hundreds of dogs and cats that were homeless because of damaged shelters.

 "You look at all of those faces and know that their stay at the shelter was meant to be temporary," said Jennifer Shorey, Helen Woodward's director of operations.

"It was supposed to lead them to forever homes, but when something as devastating as a hurricane hits, so much has to be left behind," she said. "People lose their homes, their possessions, and just focus on survival. And those orphan pets are left behind too. You realize how much of a difference you can make and how many lives you can save."

Southwest Airlines donated their services for the cause and employees from that airline assisted the organization at no charge.