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ACLU Teams Up With EQCA To Win Marriage Back

I’m an organizer at the ACLU of Northern California. You might be wondering what an organizer does at a predominately legal organization like ours. Well, plenty. I run phone banks, plan local advocacy campaigns with volunteer chapter leaders, run lobby trainings, implement statewide issue campaigns, do public speaking, and more.

Obama To Announce End of HIV Travel & Immigration Ban

Immigration Equality has confirmed that President Obama will announce the end of the HIV Travel and Immigration Ban later this morning, in conjunction with his renewal of the Ryan White Act. President Obama’s announcement will coincide with publication of a rule change in the federal register which, following a 60 day waiting period, will signal the official end of the ban.

November 1ST- 8TH is the Week of Initiative!

Equality Across America has called for a Week of Initiative (WOI), Nov. 1-8, 2009. The aim of the WOI is for each local chapter to take whatever kind of action that week that would amount to a step forward toward developing a cohesive team of grassroots activists and new leaders.

Repeal Advocates Honored at Army and Navy Club

There was a strong wind of optimism last night as a crowd of about 50 SLDN supporters — old and new — heeded the call to honor some of our fiercest advocates in the fight to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” These friends came because they know that now, at this political juncture, their resolute support is needed.

Maine Update- Blog from the Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage

Consider the California experience. The last published poll before the election, conducted by The Field Poll, showed Prop 8 going down to defeat with just 44 percent in favor to 47 percent opposed. And yet when Californians voted, marriage won! A majority of Californians (52% to 48%) voted to protect the traditional understanding of marriage and oppose gay marriage.

EQCA Hails Signing of Hate Crimes Legislation

Today President Obama made history by signing into law a bill that will extend existing hate crimes laws to include “gender identity and sexual orientation,” mandate FBI tracking of anti-LGBT hate crimes and allow the Justice Department to assist in hate crime investigations at the local level when local law enforcement is unable or unwilling to fully address these crimes.

Marriage Equality Supporters Seek Victory in Maine

Reeling from last year's Proposition 8 loss in California, organizers are focusing on Maine’s election, stating a victory is crucial and vital to the marriage equality movement nationwide.

Maine and Washington Update: Last chance to call voters

The campaigns to protect marriage rights in Maine and domestic partnership rights in Washington State are heating up as the two states enter the final crunch period before Election Day on November 4. We’re doing all we can to help out from here, holding weekly phone banks across California, Along with our amazing local coalition partners, we’re calling voters in Maine and Washington.