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Connor Maddocks goes into surgery, you can help him recover

Trans activist and community leader Connor Maddocks could use your help after surgical procedure.
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Connor Maddocks - Facebook

Local transgender activist and community leader Connor Maddocks is in the hospital today undergoing a much-needed surgery to help his back and neck.

Called Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion or ACDF, the surgery will help correct Connor’s walking and other motor skills. This will also help ease the daily pain he must endure.

“I’m hoping for a lot less pain afterwards. so please send me your good vibes or blessings or whatever you would like,” Connor wrote on his Facebook page.

After the surgery, Connor will immobile and could use the community’s support and well-wishes.

“Thank so all who have offered help, now I might actually ask for it lol. I should be out of the hospital in just a couple days. So long as they don't slice my head off we should have no problems haha love you all. I'll be at Alvarado Hospital, but hopefully not very long.”

But there is more you can do to help If you would like to visit him and bring him food. There is a page at SignUpGenius.com where you can show him your support and ensure he is in the best of health and spirits during his recovery

According to Kathie Moehlig who set up the page, Connor’s recovery time may take upwards of two months or longer. 

"He will be in a neck brace and recovery is 6 - 8 weeks. Dinners will start on Monday, August 28, and we will continue until he has said they are not needed. I am starting with 4 weeks, will add on and resend this out if we need it for longer."

Moehlig says Connor sent her a text message about the things he likes to eat:

"So things like mashed potato, mac n cheese, chicken, baked potato, plain white rice or Chinese fried rice, pork fried rice, McDonald’s plain hamburger and fries, pepperoni pizza are good after a couple of weeks "

We at San Diego Gay and Lesbian News and all of Hale Media wish Connor a smooth and speedy recovery. 

To find out how you can help click HERE