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Former adult entertainer, SD's Benjamin Lemke fighting cancer

Benjamin Lemke could use your help.

Former gay adult movie actor and underwear model Benjamin Lemke (AKA Benjamin Bradley) is currently in the hospital fighting non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The San Diego resident has a metastatic tumor that is pushing up against his neck which makes it hard for him to eat and sleep. His best friend Alfred Robles gave us an update on his progress. 

“His pain has gotten progressively worse, but he is remaining strong and hopeful, and he is working with an oncologist on his treatment,” he said. “He has been in and out of different hospitals trying to heal, and it has been quite challenging.  I am his best friend who, along with his mother, has been helping him."

With a successful career in modeling and adult entertainment, Lemke has sunk his savings into health care. He had another bout with cancer last year and was just getting back on his feet.

Alfred has kept vigil over his friend and says Ben is exhausted and tired from treatments and medication, but is still thinking of how to help others, especially children and his LGBT brothers and sisters who are going through a health crisis as he is. 

“That's the kind of guy he is," he says. "He's always looking to help other people, always concerned about others, and always trying to make other people feel better, even when he himself is in pain.  He has a heart of gold, and the world really needs him strong and healthy.”

Alfred says that Ben has grown close to his own family especially his niece who said he wanted him to be her “second daddy.” Alfred explains that is how so many people feel about him and he pretty much has that effect on everyone he meets.

“He has so much good left to do in the world,” said Alfred. “I want to see him shine and bring joy to everyone's lives again because his laughter and joy is so infectious.”

The two friends had to cancel their plans to attend San Diego Pride this year because of Ben's health, but once he gets back on his feet he will do as he always does and help others.   

“I know that once he gets better, with everyone's help, he will give so much back to the LGBT community and to the world because that's the kind of guy he is."

Although the fight is a tough one, Ben is pushing back against the disease and Alfred is hoping that people can see it in their hearts to help him recover in any capacity. 

"The world really does need him.  I am not easily impressed by people; he means everything to me."

If you would like to help Ben, with either a letter of encouragement or a donation toward his medical expenses click HERE.