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More than voices needed for SDGMC, you'll need heart too

The seasonal favorite "Jingle" by the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus needs new voices.
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San Diego Gay Men's Chorus

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus is one of the best-known groups of its kind in the nation. And there is a good reason. They are often on the frontlines of a community in need with their collection of voices and have been for the past 32 years. 

Uplifting, compassionate or just for fun, there should be a peace prize given out for all they do for the community.

San Diego is very lucky to have this organization as a part of their charitable institutes because they are a shining example of true giving.

You may think we are overstating their praises, but ask anyone about what they do as an organization and they will tell you the same thing. 

Many potential choir members want to be a part of its ranks and this month that dream may come true for a few as auditions for "Jingle" begin on August 26.  

“Our Jingle show is one of San Diego’s most popular holiday traditions with multiple sold-out shows,” says Executive Director Bob Lehman. “Here’s a great chance to be part of something very fun, festive and special during the holidays—all from the majestic Balboa Theatre stage.”

Getting into the company isn’t hard, but it does take work. Not only is the power of your voice a consideration, but you must be a juggernaut of compassion. These two qualifications aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, they are requirements.

 “When you join the Chorus, you join more than 200 friends who share a mission to change lives through music,” Lehman explains. “We are about so much more than just putting on a show. We are one big family who cares about our community and each other.”

He also says that they make the audition process as fun and relaxed as possible. You can see just how-so in a video (see below) about the process. Lehman recommends watching the video then sending in your application, “We’re also looking for dancers and behind-the-scenes volunteers,” he adds.

Anyone can join the choir as long as they have a commitment to diversity and inclusion led by board member Alberto Bautista.

"No matter your gender identity or sexual orientation--our only requirement is that you love music and support our mission of outreach," adds Lehman. 

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus serves as a reminder for people who think one person can't make a difference. The Chorus proves that if it's just one voice or two hundred, making a difference starts with only the simple desire to do so. The rest is up to you. 

You can apply to sing for the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus HERE.

Don't miss the Info Night Party on Monday, August 28 at 7 pm at the University Christian Church. #SDGMCfun #SDGMCfriends

University Christian Church is located at 3900 Cleveland Ave, San Diego, CA 92103.