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San Diego Humane Society offers free pet loss support group

San Diego Humane Society offers free counseling for pet loss.
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The loss of a pet is like losing a family member. And grieving can be a confusing process with feelings that others may not understand.

The San Diego Humane Society will hold a Pet Loss Support Group on Saturday, July 22 at the San Diego Campus beginning at 10 am.

The session provides an environment where thoughts and emotions can be shared with those in similar circumstances.

The meeting is open to people ages 10 and who are grieving the loss of a pet or considering preparations for euthanasia.

These meetings last about an hour and a half and are free to the public.

Donations are greatly appreciated as they help ensure this service can continue.

You are also encouraged to bring a photo of your pet with you. 

San Diego Humane Society’s Pet Loss Support Group is on Saturday, July 22, 2017, from 10 am to 11:30 am.

San Diego Humane Society (San Diego Campus) is located at 5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, 92110.

Reservations are encouraged but not required and can be made on-line or by calling (619) 299-7012, extension 2311. 

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