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'Day of Giving' at San Diego Humane Society raises over $300,000

Day of Giving raises over $300,000
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San Diego Humane Society

The San Diego Humane Society has been helping to give animals a second chance for nearly 150 years, making it the oldest and largest humane society in the County.

Yesterday, animal lovers and owners gave generously for the "Day of Giving" event. 

Through the years, SDHS has undergone some changes, including partnering with Escondido Humane Society, PAWS and in 2014, they merged with Project Wildlife, a local resource for animal rehabilitation, conservation, and wildlife education.

But none of this is possible without charitable contributions from the public, and yesterday, on San Diego Humane Society's "Day of Giving" they raised over $300,000!

This event was dedicated to uniting supporters of the animals we serve because this work is only possible with help from the entire community.

The money will help provide rescue, relief, and refuge to the 30,000 animals they care for each year.

Thanks to Purina, each amount donated was matched up to $10,000!

But you can still make a donation to The San Diego Humane Society by clicking HERE

Every penny counts to ensure that these animals get a second chance at life.