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Red Dress SD launch Party goes 'Rouge'

Everyone sees red for a good cause at The Red Dress Party San Diego.
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Red Dress Party San Diego

What an exciting time the beginning of summer is turning out to be.

With the celebration of national Pride month and San Diego’s very own Pride celebration currently being prepared, we should also draw our attention to parties and events that help those less fortunate.

One such event is The Red Dress Party. 

This annual event not only brings the community together for a night of music and fun, but the proceeds go into helping people find resources and help for HIV/AIDS.

This weekend don’t miss their Launch Party being held at Mo's on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

This is a great way to get discounted tickets, go over clothing ideas and encourage others to come out to the official Red Dress Party in late September.

Last year, the Red Dress event raised $20,000 to benefit San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative (SDHFC), a group established in 1990 help bring awareness and support to the San Diego HIV and AIDS community through education and fundraising.

The theme this year is Rouge, so start getting ready to find that perfect dress that's going to make the whole room stop and stare as you enter. 

Red Dress Party San Diego 2017, Launch Party at Urban Mo's is Sunday, June 4, at 3 pm to 6 pm at Urban Mo's.

For more information on Red Dress San Diego click HERE