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Phase One efforts a success in recall of CA State Sen. Josh Newman

Former Councilmember Carl DeMaio wants to recall CA Senator Josh Newman for his vote to hike car and gas taxes.
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Senator Josh Newman - Facebook

Former Councilmember and current radio host for KOGO, Carl DeMaio, had a successful weekend in Orange County where he started Phase One of his grassroots effort to gather thousands of signatures to recall California State Senator Josh Newman.

Newman was the deciding vote on a bill that would increase gas and car taxes across the state.

DeMaio said on his radio show Monday he is using a "gazelle strategy" to take down Newman, “the weakest member of the California State Senate.”

He added, “we are going to fire him [Newman], and we are going to do so in record time.”

 A handful of recalls have been victorious in the state's past, most recently Governor Gray Davis in 2003 who also raised car and gas taxes.

“There have only been five successful recall campaigns in California history – and from the looks of things, this will be the sixth,” DeMaio said in a statement. “It was very successful,”   

DeMaio says his efforts and those of his supporters have already succeeded this past weekend.

“We had an initial goal for the number of signatures we wanted to gather – and we blew right through that number within the first few hours instead of the first few days,” DeMaio said. “We even encountered a few blockers who were harassing our effort.”

Volunteers stood beside DeMaio in Orange County helping to gather signatures for the recall, and for that he is grateful.

“Without our volunteers, we would have been not nearly as successful,” DeMaio said. “Given the excitement from our hard-working volunteers over the weekend, I’m confident that we’ll see these outrageous taxes repealed – and the politicians who enacted them recalled.”

There are three stages to DeMaio's game plan: the first one currently underway. 

  • Phase 1 – End Super-Majority: Recall from office State Senator Josh Newman (D) who cast the deciding vote for the tax hikes – a move that would end the Super-Majority of the Democrats to raise taxes.
  • Phase 2 – Roll Back the Taxes: Give the legislature 30 days to rescind the car and gas tax or file additional Recall Initiatives against 3-5 additional State Senators who are deemed vulnerable.
  • Phase 3 – Fix the Roads: Pass a state-wide ballot initiative in 2018 to impose accountability on transportation funds and fix roads without a tax hike.

DeMaio says he needs 63,000 signatures and only after a few days, they are ten-percent there. 

Here is a KUSI video newstory on DeMaio and his  efforts. 

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.