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Nicole Murray-Ramirez elected a national co-chair 2017 March on Washington

Nicole Murrary-Ramirez will co chair 2017 March on Washington.
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San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez has been elected as a National Co-chair of the upcoming National March for Equality set for June 11 in Washington, D.C. 

Commissioner Ramirez, who has been a Latino and gay activist now for almost half a century, holds the distinction of being the only gay activist to be elected to all six of the LGBT marches on Washington. The first march was held in 1979 and the last one in 2009. 

Ramirez has also served as a national co-chair of three national marches as well as an elected National Chair of Stonewall 25 which drew over a half a million marchers to New York. He is now involved in the organizing of Stonewall 50, set for 2019 in New York. 

“I am very honored to have been elected and believe that this is the most diverse leadership ever elected to lead one of our marches on Washington,” stated Nicole Murray Ramirez. “From activists involved with H.R.C., AMFAR, National LGBT Taskforce, International Pride to advocates of Immigrant Rights, Black Lives Matter, Queer Youth and the Trans Community.” 

Commissioner Ramirez has been acknowledged as an established national gay activist having been elected to the National Board of Directors of the Human Rights Fund (HRC) National LGBTQ Taskforce and the National LGBT Latino Organization serving as its co-chair for three terms. 

Currently Nicole Murray Ramirez serves on the National Board of the Harvey Milk Foundation, Chairman and CEO of the International Imperial Court System of the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico, the Executive Director of the National GLBT Network U.S.A., and is a past State President of Equality California. 

The National LGBT Equality March on Washington is set for Sunday, June 11, and is being organized like the recent “Women’s March” with cities across the nation also holding “Equality Marches” the same day. 

Commissioner Ramirez who is currently in Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. can be reached at: SDEmperorXL@yahoo.com , or (619) 241-5672 for more information on the June 11 National March on Washington.