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Local eateries were closed for 'Day Without Immigrants' protest

Cafe on Park closed on Thursday for "Day Without Immigrants" protest.
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You may have noticed some restaurants around town on Thursday had their closed sign on the door. No it wasn’t a holiday, it was a collective protest in support of immigrants

About a dozen San Diego business owners and their employees stayed home to observe the #DayWithoutImmigrants campaign which was meant to show solidarity for the opposition on President Trump’s travel ban.

One of those participating eateries was Jaynes Gastropub at 4677 30th Street. Jaynes is owned by Jon Erickson and his wife who hails from England and their staff includes people from all parts of the world.

“Jayne herself is an immigrant with a green card from England and we have people from Mexico. We have people from France. We have people from Latvia,” said Erickson to Fox 5 San Diego.

The couple had a meeting about whether or not to take part in the protest.

“A lot of it came from the staff and so we all just sort of talked it through and said 'yeah let’s do this,'” Erickson said.

Other businesses on 30th Street followed suit including a smoothie shop and a fresh produce market.

“I support their rights and we all support it we all have our opinions,” said one shopper.

Hillcrest-bordering Café on Park also shuttered for the day as did Roberto’s Taco Shop in Ocean Beach.

Loyal customers may have been dismayed at the one-day strike, but to shop owners and their staff the message was an important one.

 “It means a lot to a lot of people on our staff. They just wanted to spend the day in solidarity with their families, friends and other workers around the city,” said Erickson.