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SD Humane Society needs donations: 123 Yorkie-mixes rescued

San Diego Humane Society needs financial donations to help 123 rescued dogs.
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Diane Tuazon - Instagram

The San Diego Humane Society rescued 123 dogs last week and they are asking the community for help.

The dogs are mostly yorkie-mixes and were saved from a Poway home where they were kept in filthy conditions.

Many who want to help have stepped forward to offer their assistance.

"We had to wash and groom all of these dogs because they were heavily matted with feces," a San Diego Humane Society worker said. "We've had groomers out here volunteering their time and grooming them."

The Humane Society says the dogs need a variety of medical treatments, from basic health screenings and care, to vaccinations and microchipping; a cost which could exceed $130,000.

People eager to take the rescues home are inundating the organization with adoption requests, but they say a monetary donation would be very helpful at this time. 

"The way we're able to handle this many dogs at one time is because of the generosity of the community and donors and we cannot survive without that,"

Fox 5 reports that the SDHS hasn’t given word as to when the pups can find forever homes.  

Click HERE for adoption and donation information.