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Annual Big Mike birthday fundraiser has impressive guest list

Big Mike celebrates 60 years of life by giving back to the community.
Photo credit:
Rita Belter

It has become a San Diego tradition for nearly 20 years that Community activist and local LGBT advocate Big Mike has celebrated his birthday, not for the gifts he can get, but for those he can give.

This year is no different as the local celebrity continues to use his special day to give back to the community.

For those of you who don’t know Big Mike, and if you don’t you should, he has been a fixture in the Hillcrest area for almost 30 years.

Some in the community know him as a bartender while others see him as a person who will gladly give you the shirt off his back, and all the money in it if you need it.

Big Mike is celebrating his 60th birthday this year and as always, he wants to use the opportunity to raise money for a few good causes.

The San Diego AIDS memorial and Toni Atkins Women’s Health Fund will be the focus of fundraising this year, and many special guests will be attendance to give Mike their support.

Master of Ceremonies will be Hillcrest Mayor Nicole Murray-Ramirez.

Scheduled to appear are Mayor Kevin Faulconer, State Sen. Toni Atkins, Honorable Todd Gloria, Honorable Lorena Gonzales, Honorable Ron Roberts, Honorable Dave Roberts, Honorable  Steve Padilla, Honorable  Bonnie Dumanis, Honorable  Bill Gore and Honorable  Kevin Beiser will help celebrate with Mike and members of the community.

Chad Michaels and The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus will be providing entertainment as will other “surprise” appearances.

Big Mikes 60th Birthday Fundraiser is on Sunday, January 29 from 5 pm to 8 pm at Rich's San Diego. 

Rich's is located at 1051 University Ave, San Diego, 92103.