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Community members need help with 'Cookie' the pup

This young pup was rescued in the nick of time, but still needs help.
Photo credit:
Nicholas Moede - Facebook

A few San Diego community members are asking for help in relocating a dog they rescued from being put down.

Nicholas Moede (aka DJ Nikno) and Angelo Nieves are asking that someone with a loving heart and open home foster or perhaps adopt Cookie, a dog Nieves rescued from the streets after she got hit by a car.

According to the GoFundMe page which was set up to cover medical costs for injuries Cookie suffered after the accident, Nieves says that he has known the 4-5 blue nosed pit bull terrier for about two years.

“Cookie is loving and very friendly and everyone that comes in contact with her loves her,” he writes.

Moede has been fostering Cookie for the last 10 days, and must leave town tomorrow he said in a Facebook post earlier today, but he can attest to the loving nature of the dog and her behavior.

“She is potty trained and very well behaved. She has a broken leg but is quite mobile and just needs a lot of love. If you can help, message me! There's also a GoFundMe that Angelo set up for her medical fees as he has personally been paying the bills.”

Response to the DJs request has been positive by social media. Some have said they met Cookie and agree with her sweetness.

Others have tagged friends in hopes that she can find a foster home, or adopt her outright.

“Seriously one of the sweetest dogs,” posted Ryan Bedrosian.

Nieves is currently handling all of Cookies medical expenses. She suffered a broken leg in the accident but is on on the road to making a full recovery.

“The money that is collected will help pay for medical expenses, food, and whatever else Cookie needs until her leg is healed and she gets her forever home,” Nieves write on the GoFundMe page. “If the financial goals are met and there is money left, the remainder money will be donated to local pet charities . Please help Cookie.  All love donations are truly appreciated with gratitude.”

If you are interested in adopting Cookie you can reach out to Angelo Nieves through his Facebook page, or you can lend a hand by donating money to the GoFundMe campaign HERE.