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Gay couple explain why they’re ‘excited’ to vote for Trump

 “I really feel like he would bring more jobs to the country."
Photo credit:
Jason Bellini

The national outrage over Donald Trump’s vulgar, insensitive comments on women and minority groups apparently haven’t swayed this gay couple. 

In the video (see below), The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini speaks to the two men, who say they are “excited” to appear at a Thursday rally in Cincinnati, Ohio in support of the Republican presidential nominee. 

After confirming that they are a couple, the men told Bellini that they feel totally comfortable being affectionate with one another at the rally. As to why they support Trump over Hillary Clinton, one of the men said he was simply “tired of the bullsh*t government.” 

“I work in the steel industry [so] I see it hardcore at the trades and stuff,” he said. “Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.”

His partner echoed those sentiments. “I really feel like he would bring more jobs to the country,” he said. “Everything would be a hell of a lot better.”

Although the couple’s comments might raise a few eyebrows, a small, but vocal, number of openly gay people have come forward in support of Trump. Last year, YouTube personality Kyle Kittleson praised Trump as the “slightly crazy uncle who’s a little behind the times, but still knows what’s best” while professing his own support, claiming the presidential hopeful “supported equal rights for everybody” before Clinton.

Similarly, gay adult film star Colby Keller vowed to vote for Trump in an interview with Office magazine, noting that he was “very disappointed in the trajectory of the gay liberation movement.”

Sorry, guys ― we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree with you on this one.

You can watch their interview HERE.