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AIDS Walk San Diego update: #NeverAlone

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The Center

#NeverAlone at #AIDSWalkSD

Register today for AIDS Walk & Run San Diego and remind all San Diegans that we are #NeverAlone in fighting HIV.

Whether you or a loved one are living with HIV, you’re remembering someone you’ve lost to HIV or you’re getting ready to take an HIV test know that you are #NeverAlone when facing this disease. That reminder is just one of the reasons we Walk.

At AIDS Walk & Run, on Sat., Sept. 24, we’ll gather by the thousands to support the HIV services and programs needed to maximize our efforts against this disease and collectively remember all the reasons we are committed to #BeTheGeneration that ends HIV.

After you register, help promote AIDS Walk & Run San Diego and our #NeverAlone message by taking a selfie or photo with friends and posting it on social media with the hashtag #NeverAlone. Be sure to share a message about why you don’t want anyone to feel alone in dealing with HIV.

Looking for a Great Team to Walk With?

Join us on The Center’s Team! We’d love for you to walk with us and help The Center have a strong and united team. We want you -- sign up for The Center’s team here and we’ll enjoy AIDS Walk together. 

A Few More AWSD Volunteers Needed

It takes a lot of generous volunteers to make AIDS Walk a success and we need your help. If you have time, we need help with advance work, event set-up and day-of-event activities. No experience is necessary, so please join us! It really is fun, and makes a big difference.Go here to sign up today. To learn more, contact Sarah Merk-Benitez at 619-692-2077, ext. 202 or via e-mail at volunteer@thecentersd.org