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Walgreens would like to pay you to participate in their online commercial

Casting call for people living with HIV/AIDS for new online campaign.
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Walgreens is casting for people to star in their new online campaign to bring awareness to individuals living with HIV/AIDS who also get their medications at the national drug store "Community, a Walgreens Pharmacy.”

The company believes that everyone with HIV has a story that might make a difference in other people’s lives.

Stuart Stone Casting is reaching out to people who would like to participate in the online project, which will feature people living with HIV from diagnosis to retirement and every “milestone in-between.”

The people they are looking for are men and women ages 25 to 49, diagnosed HIV+ or at-risk (at risk having un-protected sex).

Men and women, 50 or older, living with HIV, and MSM (men who have sex with men) where one person is HIV positive.

If selected to take part in the video, the company says you will be helping others understand that “Community a Walgreens Pharmacy,” is a place that provides support, comfort and education to others dealing with HIV through their website.

If you would like to participate in the campaign email the casting agency at HelpingOthers4Health@gmail.com by August 22, 2016.

Participants will be paid for their appearances.