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SDGLN asks that you make June 4 'Shop Target' Day

SDGLN is asking readers to #SHOPTARGET on June, 4.

Recently Faith2Action, a “pro-family group,” has vowed to take back the restrooms at Target. They are planning to boycott the retailer on June 4 in what they are calling “Don’t Target Our Daughters Day.”

Armed with a hyberbolic music video which shows a man entering the stall of a young girl, Faith2Action says they want everyone who believes as they do to use June 4 as a “moment to stand together.”

SDGLN, and its publisher Hale Media would like to make a call to action to not stop Target on that day, but instead SHOP TARGET.

“If there’s one thing the LGBT community knows how to do, it is to boycott companies that practice bigotry,” said Johnathan Hale, publisher of SDGLN. “We also know how to SHOP! Please join me and all of us at SDGLN in our Shop Target campaign on June 4th.”

As consumers gays and lesbians make up 3.5 percent of the U.S. population, that’s eight million LGBT individuals who have the power of purchasing.

Last month a petiton was started by the American Family Association (AFA) and National Organization of Marriage (NOM) to boycott Target, garnering 1,296,957 and 7,944 signatures respectively. 

Today, eleven different states submitted a lawsuit against the Obama administration as a result of a federal guidance issued this month to allow trangender students to use the restroom of which they best indentify.

Spending your dollars at Target on Saturday June 4 sends a message to the retail chain that the community is on their side, and that we won't stand for bigotry or transphobia. 

We at SDGLN and Hale Media believe that the LGBT community can counteract the "Don't Target Our Daughters Day" boycott by heading through Target doors and spending our money in unison.  

Says Hale: "Let’s put our gay dollars to work supporting those that stand with us in our fight for full equality!”


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