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Poz Link is San Diego’s newest site for the HIV-positive community

The abundance of information and resources offered on Poz Link can provide crucial support needed to begin the path of healing.
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When an individual finds out he or she is HIV+, it can be a devastating blow. Undoubtedly, there will be many questions about where to find more information on the newly diagnosed status and where to turn for help.

But don’t worry – there is hope!

Poz Link, San Diego’s newest website featuring information and resources for the HIV+ community, was specifically designed to guide individuals during this confusing time. The abundance of information and resources offered on the site provide crucial support needed to begin the path of healing.

With an entire page dedicated to local resources, site members can find services, including HIV Case Management and Risk Counseling from Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD), as well as additional support groups and food pantries, such as Being Alive and Mama’s Kitchen. Realizing there are services and support available can greatly change a person’s perspective of their status and overall well-being. 

“I’ve met some really good people who have been helpful and who wanted to make sure I understood what was going on,” said one Poz Link member who receives services from FHCSD’s Case Management, “They also got me in touch with resources and care I needed. Everyone along the way has been really supportive.”

An additional resource on the site includes a blog that provides site members with information on finding housing, the effectiveness of PrEP and who should take it, how to get insurance if currently uninsured, National Awareness Days, how to get involved in local events, and health services for women, which are offered by Christie’s Place.

In addition to services and resources, Poz Link is also a great place for individuals to connect, interact, and find social support. Poz Link encourages involvement between site members through the forum and chat room. Here, site members can interact with one another anonymously, share experiences, and participate in conversations. Site members can rest assured their privacy is protected and this high level of interaction has greatly contributed to the success of the site since its launch in early 2016.  

The events page is another beneficial resource where site members can search for local events, such as Serenity Yoga and POZCOFFEE, to become more involved in the community and connect with other HIV+ individuals. “The events are definitely helpful. They’re a good way to help build this community, to show that you’re not alone in this,” said a site member, “This is especially helpful when you’re newly diagnosed and don’t really think you have anyone to talk to. These events allow you to meet other HIV+ people and talk without judgment.”

Being diagnosed as HIV+ is no longer something an individual must endure alone! Poz Link provides individuals access to information and resources on local HIV-related support and assistance, and allows them to participate in ongoing conversations with friends along the way.

Sign up today at PozLinkSD.com.