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#AIDSWalkSD update: Jarrod & The Detour Salon Team

Jarrod Harms decided he wanted to be even more involved in the community this year, so he asked his staff at Detour Salon if they would be interested in forming a team for AIDS Walk & Run San Diego. The answer was a resounding yes!

“My staff had an amazingly positive response. All I had to do was ask,” said Jarrod, leader of the Detour Salon Team. “I’ve been shocked at how easy it’s been to form a team and raise funds. For AIDS Walk, we’ll have staff, customers and vendors walking with us. We are doing a couple of fundraisers to help us make our goal. The whole experience so far has been really encouraging.”

As Jarrod is quick to point out, most people in the salon industry are familiar with the impact of HIV, though right now he sees a new urgency in campaigns like #BeTheGeneration as a reason to be involved in HIV-related issues.

“Even with all the advances in treating HIV, the stigma of HIV is still with us,” he explained. “I think when we talk about HIV at events like AIDS Walk it opens up the space to talk about new HIV prevention and treatment options, and what it means to be positive and undetectable. Education can help end stigma.”

For first-timers, the Detour Salon Team is off to a great start and is very close to meeting its fundraising goal. You can help them – donate $10 or more to the Detour Salon AIDS Walk & Run Team and you'll receive 25% off your retail purchase at the Detour Salon locations in Hillcrest and Encinitas.

AIDS Walk & Run volunteers needed!

AIDS Walk will need nearly 600 volunteers to make this event a success. We can use help with advance work, event set-up and day-of-event activities. No experience is necessary, so please join us!

To sign up, or to learn more, contact Sarah Merk-Benitez at 619-692-2077 ext. 202 or via e-mail at volunteer@thecentersd.org. To register as an individual, or a group, please go here.

Wine Tasting for The Cause

On Sat., Aug. 22, spend the day tasting wines on a Tijuana Wine Tour at Tres Valles & Rancho Redondo, all while supporting AIDS Walk & Run San Diego. The cost is $65 per person and tours begin at 7 am from the parking lot at Jai Alai Tijuana. For more information, please contact Marcos Sigala at 619-778-3585.

Las Vegas Tour

On Friday, Sept. 11 through Sunday, Sept. 13 join friends for a tour of Las Vegas. Proceeds benefit AIDS Walk & Run San Diego. The cost is $98 per person and includes bus transportation, a one-night stay at Travelodge (one block from the Strip!), a breakfast buffet, lunch/dinner buffet and continental breakfast. Space is limited to two buses. For more information, please contact Marcos Sigala at 61-9778-3585.

For more information or to register for AIDS Walk & Run San Diego, click HERE.