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The Center and YWCA to provide legal services to victims of domestic violence

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Center has formed a new collaboration with the YWCA for victims of domestic violence.

The YWCA will provide family law legal services to victims of domestic violence, including restraining orders, dissolutions (marriage or domestic partnership), paternity, custody and support orders.

Services include providing on-site restraining orders, preparing dissolutions, paternity, custody and support paperwork and providing limited attorney representation. In addition, the attorneys can provide accompaniment to mediation and court hearings.

These services are available at The Center every Thursday from 9-11 am. Appointments are available Monday through Friday at YWCA of San Diego County, from 9 am to 5 pm. Call 619-239-0355 ext. 204 or email veronica@ywcasandiego.org for more information.