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More than 60 briefs urge Supreme Court to keep gay marriage bans

WASHINGTON DC — Republican officials including Senators Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz and religious organizations dominate a growing list of more than 60 groups urging the Supreme Court to uphold state bans against same-sex marriage.

The flood of "friend of the court" briefs arriving at the court by Friday's deadline easily made the upcoming case the most heavily lobbied in the court's recent history. Earlier this month, more than 70 briefs were filed by proponents of gay marriage, including one signed by more than 200,000 people.

Sixteen states led by Republican governors were among those calling for the bans in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee to be upheld. Among them were nine states where same-sex marriage bans have been struck down by federal courts — an indication that the battle there and elsewhere will be renewed if the justices uphold the bans.

"How much better for this issue to play out, state-by-state, with citizens locked in urgent conversation," one of the briefs says. "That is precisely what was happening before the courts began to intervene two years ago. The court should let that process of self-governance continue."

States opposing gay marriage include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia, where federal appeals court rulings have struck down state bans. The Supreme Court refused to reconsider most of those decisions in October.

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