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Plaintiffs in Texas gay marriage case celebrate birth of second child

AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin couple who are plaintiffs in a Texas same-sex marriage case are celebrating the birth of their second child.

The baby girl was born Friday night. Her parents are Nicole Dimetman DeLeon and Cleo DeLeon, who have filed a lawsuit against the state to have their marriage declared legal in Texas. Despite a federal judge in San Antonio ruling that the law is unconstitutional, the ruling was overturned on appeal and is awaiting an opinion from the 5th U.S. FifthCircuit Court of Appeals.

The couple decided not to publicly release their baby's name but wanted the public to know about the birth in an effort for people to understand the difficulties they say they face as parents because their marriage is not recognized in Texas.

"Labor is scary and anything can happen," Nicole Dimetman DeLeon said. "I had an infection as a complication of labor that led to an emergency C-section. A day that should have been one of the happiest of our life was terrifying for Cleo. If I had not made it through the childbirth, Cleo would not have been our daughter’s legal mother because her name is not allowed on the birth certificate in Texas."

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