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Florida's bathrooms are a battleground for transgender residents

ORLANDO, Florida -- Kieran Castano walked through the door of Wally's, an Orlando bar, with the urgency of a person who has to pee. The 24-year-old trans man breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed there was no one else inside the men's room. That meant he could go straight to the stall rather than having a patron give him a dirty look, or worse, ask what he was doing there.

According to Castano, the bathroom stank of piss, and there were puddles on the floor. As he turned to leave, Castano, who has a bad knee, slipped and fell hard. So he hobbled up to a female employee and warned her about mopping up. After all, he told her, someone could get seriously hurt. Thinking their interaction was over, he joined his girlfriend, Allie Enters, at the bar and ordered himself a PBR.

The couple was later joined by another trans man, Ace, who lived in the Orlando area and frequented Wally's, which claims on its website that it's received "more local and international press than just about any bar in Orlando." But when Ace went to use the bathroom, the employee Castano had told about the mess started screaming.

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