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Washington: Transgender woman assaulted at bakery shop

SPOKANE, Washington -- Police are investigating a report of an assault at a downtown Spokane bakery Friday night. Witnesses say the victim was a transgender woman and the attackers are still at large.

The Spokane Human Rights Commission sent out a news release on the incident Monday morning, saying the victim was assaulted by two men while waiting for a friend at Boots Bakery and Lounge. The commission said the victim was "sent to the hospital with major damage done to the left side of her face."

Spokane Police said Monday morning they're investigating, but said nothing in the initial report indicates hate or bias crime. They are still investigating, however, and an employee at Boots says a detective is interviewing one of their employees Monday afternoon.

"An alleged assault inside a peaceful place of business is always cause for concern," said Blaine Stum, Chair of the Human Rights Commission. "But, when the incident reportedly includes hateful epithets and sends a citizen to the hospital, we need to stand up as a city and say this will not be tolerated."

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