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Pennsylvania: Transgender doctor could make history as physician general

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania -- If selected to served in Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's Cabinet, Dr. Rachel Levine could become the highest-ranked transgender woman in Pennsylvania state government history.

Levine, who transitioned from male to female about five years ago, was announced as Wolf's physician general on Saturday. The physician general position, which was created under former Gov Tom Ridge, must be confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate.

Wolf spokesman Jeff Sheridan said Levine could become a member of the Cabinet or remain as a senior adviser to Wolf. The governor-elect has not yet formed his Cabinet.

Levine, who has been a physician at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center since 1996, said she hopes she can serve as a mentor and role model for other LGBT people in Pennsylvania.

If chosen to serve on Wolf's Cabinet, she also could become one of the highest-ranked transgender women in U.S. government.

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