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California: On a date, transgender couple survive knife attack

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- A transgender couple who were out on a date have survived a knife attack on late Saturday afternoon.

Samantha Hulsey, a 24-year-old transgender woman, was stabbed twice by a man who harassed her and her date, another transgender person, after they debarked from the 49 bus near Van Ness and Golden Gate avenues. Hulsey said the man on the bus verbally harassed them using anti-gay slurs and followed them when they got off the bus.

Brodus Wayne Joynes. 54, was arrested in connection with the attack and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of making threats. San Francisco police said no hate crime charges will be made, but the couple plan to ask the District Attorney's Office to consider them.

Hulsey was on a date with Rae Raucci, 52, her partner who is a student at San Francisco Law School. Hulsey told the Chronicle that the suspect began to say transphobic comments toward them as soon as they boarded the bus.

According to sfish.com:

“He started saying a lot of hateful things and messing with us,” she says. “He was threatening to hurt us. The way he was behaving leads me to believe he was on some kind of drugs." When the women noticed the man had a steak knife, about three-and-a-half inches with a black handle, they got off the bus.

The man pursued them and stabbed Hulsey just below her neck. Clutching her wound she ran to a McDonald's, where customers called the police. Hulsey was released from the hospital that day, and the man is in custody. Raucci says that the man, "said we were offending him." She considers the act a hate crime.

KCBS in San Francisco reported this:

Hulsey was treated and released from San Francisco General Hospital for her two stab wounds. She said the attack was clearly related to her and her partner’s transgender status, but [Police Sgt. Monica] McDonald said they have yet to unearth enough evidence to bring about an official hate crime charge.