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Colorado: County jail segregates transgender inmate in solitary cell

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A transgender inmate was recently separated from the general female population at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center after a complaint was filed about her, the Sheriff's Office confirmed last week.

The woman had not threatened anyone, but someone complained that she was being "disruptive by talking about her status," spokesman Sgt. Greg White said. He would not release the complaint filed against the inmate, citing concern for her safety.

Inmates at CJC are housed by "biological gender," or what physically classifies them as men or women.

After the complaint was filed, the woman was put into a part of the jail with solitary cells. Inmates there are confined to their cells for 23 hours per day. The separation is indefinite, but likely short-lived as she is expected to be extradited soon to Georgia, where a warrant for her arrest was issued. "At this point, it's now for the inmate's safety," White said.

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