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Japan: Actresses vow to marry in 2015

TOKYO, Japan -- Japanese actresses Ayaka Ichinose, 34, and Akane Sugimori, 28, on Saturday announced plans to marry on April 20.

Marriage equality has not yet come to Japan.

Ichinose came out as a lesbian in "FLASH" magazine in April 2009, but her future bride has been less public about her sexuality. Sugimori has previously said she likes woman "over 90%."

Still, the marriage announcement startled conservative Japan, where LGBT rights lag behind many other nations.

The women said they met in October 2012 in a gay bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo and moved in together as a couple in spring of 2013, according to Sankei Sports newspaper.

"We hope that same-sex marriage will be legal in Japan too, and it will be great if our wedding ceremony could be one step forward for it," Ichinose said in a statement release through her agency.

H/T: Tokyo Hive and Asia Travel Today.