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Here come the grooms: Three gay couples in Ireland talk marriage

DUBLIN, Ireland -- When the Civil Partnership Act came into effect at the beginning of 2011, it offered gay and lesbian couples in Ireland the chance to make their commitment official, giving them many of the same statutory rights as heterosexual married couples in the process.

Now, with the marriage equality referendum scheduled for 2015 and polls showing overwhelming support, the legalization of same-sex marriage is finally on the cards.

If passed, it will offer gay couples in this country the opportunity to publicly and legally profess their love without judgement or restriction.

These three Irish couples have emphasized the poignancy of such social change by sharing with us their love stories and revealing exactly what saying "I do" has meant to them.

Meet Sean Montague and Marc Scully, David Babington and PJ Foley, and Colum McCormack-Crowe and his husband Alex.

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