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U.S. consul to marry his Turkish boyfriend

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- U.S. Consul General to Istanbul Charles F. Hunter is preparing to marry his Turkish boyfriend soon in the United States, several Turkish media claimed.

Hunter and his boyfriend, Ramadan Çaysever, have been together since they met at a ceremony in the Crimea Memorial Church in Istanbul.

“As my family, friends and many colleagues know, I am gay. I have been open about that fact for several decades and view sexual orientation as both a private matter and merely one factor contributing to each individual’s uniqueness. I look forward to continuing to represent my country and its values, including tolerance and diversity, throughout my assignment in Turkey,” Hunter told the Hürriyet Daily News on Dec. 12 after reports in the Turkish media.

Çaysever has accompanied Hunter at several meetings and ceremonies since their relationship started. The office of the U.S. Secretary of State approved the marriage after conducting a security investigation into the background of Çaysever, according to reports.

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Charles F. Hunter, U.S. Consul General in Istanbul, confirmed that he would marry his Turkish boyfriend this month in his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, after the diplomat made the headlines last week for the reported marriage, according to the Daily Sabah.

Hunter was at an event at the Dutch consulate the previous day where he sang at an a capella choir. He responded to reporters' questions afterward. Naturally, almost all questions were about his affair with Turkish musician Ramadan Çaysever, and Hunter spoke about the affair for the first time. He said he "confirmed" all the reports in the press about his affair and planned marriage, but avoided elaborating on the matter. Çaysever, who frequently accompanies the Consul General at events, was absent at Tuesday night's event.