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Mama's Pantry celebrates 10 years of serving San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- For 10 years now, Mama’s Pantry, a service of Mama’s Kitchen, has distributed healthy food items to low-income San Diego County residents living with HIV/AIDS to complement their nutritional needs and assist their budget limitations. During monthly visits to Mama’s Pantry, clients get to handpick a variety of food items including cereals, canned goods, ground beef, eggs and cheese.

After moving to a new location in 2012, Mama’s Pantry also expanded its food inventory, increased hours of operation and introduced nutrition education classes to assist clients through better food choices. And numbers don’t lie: in 2013, Mama's Pantry provided the equivalent over 112,336 meals to 814 clients.

With outstanding support from the San Diego community, Mama’s Kitchen and Mama’s Pantry will continue to ensure the shelves are full with nutritious non-perishable food items. Virtual food donations are accepted online, and supporters can easily host food drives for the Pantry.

“Mama’s Pantry fills an important need in our community,” said Alberto Cortés, executive director, Mama’s Kitchen. “Hunger is a year-round issue and especially critical after the holidays have passed. We’re asking local businesses, schools and places of worship to sponsor one or more of our food barrels. These donations help us continue our mission to provide nutritious food to those in need, and help them to live healthy and independent lives.”

Mama’s Kitchen has served over six million meals since its doors opened, and the commitment to clients remains unchanged.