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Possible hate-crime victim dies after vicious beating

NEW YORK -- Mark Horn and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer were longtime friends of Louis Rispoli. They're hoping more witnesses will come forward with information on his attackers.

Horn and Van Bramer say the 62-year-old was taking a late night walk on Oct. 20 when someone saw two men attack him at around 2 a.m. Rispoli died Thursday night after being taken off life support."For someone to be so cruel and so cowardly as to take the life of someone who is so good, it just, it makes me sick," Horn said.

"What happened to Lou is awful, is a horrifically violent crime, and we have to make sure the people who did this are punished and taken off the streets," Van Bramer said.

Rispoli was an administrator at the Greenwich House Music School and was well known in the Queens gay community. Police are looking into whether Rispoli's sexual orientation played a role in the attack. The Queens District Attorney is also investigating.

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