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Sleepless San Diego event to bring attention to challenges homeless face

(Editor's note: This post originally appeared in San Diego Downtown News).

SAN DIEGO -- In order to increase awareness for San Diego’s homeless and those across the nation, the San Diego Rescue Mission will hold their “Sleepless San Diego” event again this September to bring attention to the challenges the homeless face sleeping outdoors.

Beginning at 3 pm Sept. 21 and ending at 7 am Sept. 22, the event will offer activities to help the homeless, games, and conduct educational discussions.

“Our goal is to generate increased awareness of and solutions for a truly tragic situation that affects far too many people in our community,” said Herb Johnson, President and CEO of the San Diego Rescue Mission in a press release.

The event is open to the public and up to 1,000 participants will be offered a cot, cardboard or plastic sheet to sleep on in order to gain a greater appreciation for the homeless. Live music will be provided, educational conversations will take place and light snacks and beverages will also be available for purchase on site.

It is expected that between 25 and 30 other “Sleepless” events around the nation will also take place.

“Ours is a message of hope, and as Sleepless campaigns expand across America, we pray that our voices join together to help bring powerful coalition and solutions to the plight of homelessness,” Johnson also said in the release.

For more information, visit sleeplesssandiego.org.