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AMPA launches the Rainbow Railroad for same-gender military couples

WASHINGTON -- The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) announces the launch of its latest project, the AMPA Rainbow Railroad.

According to AMPA, because not all same-sex military couples are stationed in a state that guarantees them the same rights, protections and responsibilities as their heterosexual counterparts through marriage, there is an extraordinary financial expense required of them to travel to a marriage equality state in order to get married and gain access to military benefits, especially for junior enlisted members and those in remote locations.

“Our newest project is just another example of military families helping military families,” said Stephen Peters, AMPA president. “AMPA members and supporters across the country have volunteered to open up their homes and host other same-sex military couples on their journey to marriage equality states to get married, helping them limit costly expenses. It’s our own aboveground rainbow railroad.”

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