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Two men convicted of anti-gay hate crime in California

CASTROVILLE, Calif.--Two Salinas residents were convicted on Friday of a hate crime motivated by the victim's sexual orientation.

According to the District Attorney, both 38-year-old Manuel Rivera and 45-year-old Ricardo Torres back in May of 2012 were in a gay and lesbian nightclub in Castroville. This is where the two men physically assaulted 33-year-old Aurelio Alvarado while yelling out homosexual slurs.

Following the altercation, the two stayed outside the night club and jumped Alvarado a second time, but this time they punched him about ten times in the head and slammed him into the concrete.

They will not be sentenced until September 19, 2013, but Torres could face up to 36 years in prison because of prior convictions, while Rivera could face 10 years in state prison.

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